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Priority: 1 (high) - 4 (low)

Status: 0 (incomplete) - 1 (complete)

Task IDTask Name DescriptionStatusDue DateCategoryPriority
2Study for ExamNeed to study for finals12020-08-17Education1
3Buy Plane TicketNeed to buy a plane ticket12020-08-13Expenses1
5Meeting with bossMeeting with boss about deploying code12020-08-18Work1
6Finish ProjectFinish final project for class12020-08-15Education1
11Finish PresentationFinish recording and turn in project12020-08-30Education1
1Grocery ShoppingNeed to get more food02020-08-12Food2
12Grill BurgersDon't forget to get french fries as well02020-08-17Food2
13File TaxesI edited this task02020-08-23Expenses2
14Grading final projectReview ERD, normalization and web app02020-08-18CSI34502
15Grade final projectReview ERD, normalization and web app02020-08-19CSI34502
7Get GasNeed to get gas12020-08-17Expenses3
9HomeworkNeed to finish homework12020-08-12Education3
4Get Dog FoodNeed to get food for the dog12020-08-12Food4
8Get deodorantNeed to get more deodorant12020-08-18Expenses4