Alex Kocab

An undergraduate at Oakland University planning on graduating the spring of 2021, Alex is currently studying Computer Science. He is a Software Enginner Intern at Quicken Loans, and hopes to get a full time job there in the future. He loves computers and video games, and enjoys watching movies.

Harrison Lavins

Harrison is an undergraduate student studying computer science and piano performance at Oakland University. When he is not studying or practicing, he enjoys building software projects for fun, spending time outdoors, playing tennis, and traveling.

Tao Wang

Tao is an undergraduate student studying computer engineering at Oakland University. This is the last year of his university life. He usually go out traveling with friends while on vacation.

Eduard Hasa

My interest in software and electronics hardware originated at a very young age when my cousin bought his first computer, something that I had known nothing about. I quickly got on the internet at the age of 9 and started tinkering with everything in sight. At the age of 12 I got into installing windows based point of sale systems for restaurants. It was great money and I caught on really quick. Fast forward to today I am still well involved in the restaurant technology industry but finding myself leaning towards ecommerce. In the last few years I have picked up flutter, dart, java, and minor javascript skills. I have an absolute passion for our upcoming AI revolution and how I can use it to my advantage in an entrepreneurial perspective. I find my near future after graduation getting heavily involved in developing and programming ecommerce platforms and features that will increase profits in futuristic methods new to the market.